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Find out the best ways to accepting appointments with a therapist through Numi.

How it works
Say you want to find a massage thearpist for an appointment at home, you can use Numi to help you search your area for available therapy providers in your area.

Therapists choose their own price for each appointment, while customers can select the therapist that fits their preferences and budget.

Payment is handled through the app or with cash in person. Our concierge team will reach out ensure the delivery of your therapist! <

How it works for a massage therapist
Join for free by visiting our sign up page here. Once your profile is created you will receive notifications to your phone from the Numi app.

Review appointment details and make offeres on appointments based on your availability.

When a customer books with your practice you earn 100% of the price you choose. While the app handles both cash or credit card payments.

How much is the Numi booking fee?
The booking fee is a flat $20 fee that is included in the therapy provider price quote.

Who is texting me when I send a request?
A Numi representative will reach out with real time information with which therapists are a vialble for your appointment,. If you ever have any questions before, during or after your massage just give us a text or call.

Can I book with the same thearpist twice?
Once you book with a massage therapist we will reveal their personal contact information for your future use.

Add a verified review badge to your profile
Verified badges represent that a Numi team member has reviewed and ensured the quality of the therapist profile

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